Go into the Direction of Your Heart

“Having an aim is the key to achieving your best”, said the great Henry J. Kaiser. The evidence is overwhelming that you cannot begin to achieve your best unless you set some aim in life. What would football be without a goal. You see men play over their heads to reach the goal, whether in sports or life. The lesson which I am about to reveal to you is the sum and substance of some twenty-five thousand years of successful human experience.

This represents the fruitful years of the five hundred and eighty-eight collaborators and contributors to this development program namely Douglas Mac Arthur, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie just to name a few.

Over 2 decades ago, when I was in my late teens, my brother, together with some of our friends went to Baguio for a summer vacation. During the course of our vacation, we went to Wright Park to indulge ourselves to some adventurous horseback riding. We took the package tour of around seven of us including our tour guide who was about to take us outside of that park and into a more visual scenery and physically challenging route. I must admit it was not my first time to ride a horse, but I was a little wary about riding it.

Our tour guide was very unanimated and for him it was all business, we take the package tour for 1 hour and we pay a considerable sum more than the average ride and he took us on a slow almost boring trip just to let the time pass by. At one point I wanted to impress my friends and make my horse run. But the horse seemed to be contented with the lead of our tour guide, that the horse would not budge an inch just to make him run.

The horse probably sensed that I don’t have enough will in me and no direction to go, so it just ignores my ineptness to take him where I wanted. So, I pulled another stunt, I said, “hey!” giving him horse shouts as if there is one. The horse subtly kicked backwards attempting to throw me off the saddle, but when the tour guide looked at us from the front, it suddenly behaved like it was innocent.

After less than an hour when we arrived at the park to get off from our horses, the horse where I was riding suddenly broke away from the group and started galloping as it took me by surprise. He was heading to this branch of a tree just about the height of a rider’s head and ‘poom’. It hit me just on the top of my forehead. It was quite stinging but it was not as painful as people, including my friends looking at me with a mix of controlled laughter and pity. And I could imagine the horse, having a silly grin after that incident.

Many years have passed, we went to Tagaytay for our company outing this time I was with my colleagues from work. We went to picnic grove, and most of the male employees decided to ride a horse except myself. When a female employee noticed me just looking at those who were riding their horses, she told me why was I not riding one? I simply gave her the impression like I’m above these things but in truth, I was simply scared. She even offered to pay just for me to ride a horse. I know I was not fooling anyone.

Then I came into realization, this whole horseback riding thing is a reflection of my life. I didn’t have control of my life and where I wanted to go. The horse represented life itself, it may take you where you don’t want to go and lead you astray but it may also take you to places where you have never been yet it is aligned to what you truly desire. I decided to conquer that fear and take it where I wanted to go, my own terms.

I went to ride a horse again but this time by my lonesome. No need to impress anyone, just me and the horse, that big golden brown thoroughbred under my stewardship. This time, I am calling the shots, turning and stepping up for acceleration whenever I want more speed. I even took this magnificent creature outside of its comfort zone where it has never gone before.